Too Old For Fashion?

too old for fashionYou’ve probably heard the old adage that age is just a number; this applies equally as well to fashion as it does to life. Many people have a misconception that once you are past the age of twenty-five, wearing things like mini-skirts and bikinis are a major fashion faux pas.

However, you can easily continue to look great well into your sixties – you don’t have to give up the styles you love just because you’re getting older. What’s the secret? If you have a great diet and exercise regularly, you’d be surprised at how good you can look at an older age. In addition, cosmetic companies are making great advances with cosmetic products – they’re more effective now than ever before.

A healthy diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables along with plenty of water to drink can keep your skin looking young and healthy. If you haven’t been eating well all of your life – and face it, who has? – changing your diet now can do wonders to increase the radiance of your skin and reduce wrinkles as well as unsightly flab. Regular exercise is important, too. Don’t neglect strength training in your workouts – many women are afraid to include a strength training regimen in their routine because they don’t want to end up looking like a bodybuilder.

Unless you practically devote your life to eating a bodybuilder’s diet and doing intense exercise, you aren’t going to look like one anytime soon. Strength training on top of cardiovascular exercise and a healthy diet produced a lean, toned look that will allow you to wear anything you want with confidence.

You can’t change how old you are, but you can definitely change the way you look with a little work. Looking better will lead to increased confidence and will allow you to pull off a look that a twenty-two year old would be jealous of!

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