Do Good Looking People Get Ahead Easier?

If you have suspected that beautiful people get more breaks in life, you may be on to something. Studies have shown that good looking people tend to get better jobs, get the promotions, and make more money than people lacking in the looks department. It was further found that men and women employers alike favored good looking employees so it isn’t necessarily a sexual attraction that’s behind it all.

It has more to do with perception. Someone good looking or at least well groomed, sends a message that he is capable and attends to details. That is the type of person employers want in jobs and to represent the company. It may all happen subconsciously even, but for some reason, the better you look, the better your odds of getting ahead in life.
good looking girl
So, what if you aren’t all that good looking? Does that mean you are doomed? It actually doesn’t. You can probably think of people who aren’t all that pretty yet they are very attractive for one reason or another. You don’t have to have perfectly chiseled looks to come across well. What you need is to be well groomed and present yourself well.

Always dress well at work or when applying for a job. Pay special attention to your shoes. Believe it or not, your shoes say a lot about you. So much so in fact, that potential employers often times take your shoes into consideration during an interview! You don’t have to spend a lot of money on the latest fashions. Instead, your clothes should fit well and flatter your shape.

Your hair is another aspect under your control. Has your hair professionally styled so it always looks nice to work? If you are dressed well and have neatly coiffed hair, you can make a great impression no matter what your physical traits are. However, you should also work on being the best you can be by controlling your weight and keeping your teeth bright. Self confidence goes a long way towards making you look beautiful too so be confident and put your best foot forward, and you too can be one of the beautiful people!

credit: Tim Wilson
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