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There are many people ready to provide you with answers, but not all of them are worth listening to. Rusty Solomon is one of those few who have something to show for and his actions speak louder than words, which makes his opinions much more interesting. Setting up Fiber Fab Inc. and growing the business to the point that it became a leading telecommunications company is just one of his personal achievements.

Rusty Solomon is the CEO of this venture and can give some insight to those looking for an expert opinion in a highly specialized field such as fiber optics.
Committed to making the most of the online environment and serve both customers and regular visitors, Rusty Solomon is very active on both the company’s page and blogs. Those who want to learn more about how Fiber Fab fares, which are its accomplishments and where is it heading, will spend a lot of time reading news and updates.

On the other hand, Rusty Solomon came up with many pertinent articles on topics as diverse as shopping addiction and newborns. What makes these article special is not only the fact that they are informative, but also written in a manner that invites the readers to linger on the page.

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