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For most men, how to ask a girl out is a mystery and with each failed attempt, they feel that they are one step farther from uncovering the truth. Fortunately, this is not true and with each try, you are learning a valuable lesson even if you don’t succeed, as long as you pay attention to what happens and learns from your mistakes. You need to determine what went wrong, so that the next time you do it again you will perform better, and the response will be a favorable one. A little theoretical research will surely increase your chances, but ultimately, it is what you do in real life that will teach you the most valuable lessons.

To become a pick up artist, you need to be confident that no order is too tall for you and even those beautiful girls who seem unapproachable can be seduced. First of all, you need to make sure that you put yourself in those positions where you have the chance of meeting girls, even though not all of them match your expectations. To meet the ones you like, you need to have where to choose from and this is why being in the right place at the right time is very important. Think about the places where it is more likely to find girls and if possible, use your friends and acquaintances to widen the social circle.

Even if you know how to ask a girl out, you will have no chance to put that knowledge into practice if you are alone of hanging with your friends in a lonely bar. Try to bring people together even if you are not very close with all of them, since they will also bring friends and in the end, you will be surrounded by many people, boys and girls. Since you will know most of them, you won’t find yourself out of the comfort zone, and this will translate into a superior interaction with all those around.

A pick up artist is not a person that focuses entirely on a girl, but feels comfortable to interact with the entire crowd and has fun. Girls don’t like stalkers and weird guys, so you should be yourself all the time and remain relaxed and jolly no matter how determined you are to impress a girl. Don’t try too hard and stay casual, stick to the funny conversation and don’t take on deep subjects that can bore or annoy the girl.

If you want to learn how to ask a girl out, you should combine the online resources, with advices from friends and most important, your own experience. You are the one who knows best what he wants in a relationship, and what kind of girl is your type, so don’t be afraid to follow your instinct. Remember that the first few lines in the conversation are the most important, and you want to create the impression of a funny and cool person, which is not intimidated by girls.

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