Is Your Diamond Free From Conflict?

I love Leonardo DiCaprio for a reason, and it’s not just his good looks and his acting prowess. I love him for the fact that he uses his superstar status symbol to inform the world of things that truly matter. We’ve all seen the 11th Hour, Body of Lies and Blood Diamond – movies that take on controversial subjects in a very commercial way such that millions of people all over the world will have consciousness on the subject.

diamond policyClimate change, terrorism is just some of the controversial topics he has chosen to discuss through his movies. However, my favorite has got to be Blood Diamond because it has made me aware of something I should really be concerned about.

Whenever we have our anniversary, I always wish my husband will be very generous and give me diamonds. Little did I know that diamonds are not as flawless as they seem to be. Just like the movie said, a lot of people die because of the diamond business. Given the fact that just a little over 10% of all jewelry stores in the United States practice a conflict diamond policy – that is, they ensure and disclose the origins of their diamonds – I might as well be wishing for someone to die so that I can put something nice on my ears!

For now I’ll stay away from diamonds, until I am sure that my husband will get them from someone who adheres to a conflict diamond policy. Our anniversaries will have to be celebrated with a nice dinner and a Leo movie date.

Credit: Keith Williamson

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