Holding out for the World War Z movie

Guest post written by Adam Thore

I guess that I’m weird in the sense that instead of reading the book before the movie comes out, I like to watch the movie before the book. It seems like every time I read the book before, I’m always disappointed by the movie and it takes away from my enjoyment of the movie. Well I want to avoid doing that so I decided about a year ago that I would do the opposite.

I’m really excited about seeing the new World War Z movie that they’re making right now and am always looking up updated on it with my Clear Kitsap. My roommate has the book and is going to let me read it after I see the movie. I’m so tempted to go ahead and read the book. But all of hte blogs that I read on the movie say it sounds like it will be very diffferent from the book so maybe it’s a good thing that I’m waiting to read the book.

I”m really hoping that I’ll be able to hold out until the World War Z movie comes out and it was worth it all along.

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