Quality Transcends Time

In ancient times, marble was the most popular stone with architects and artists who loved it for its polish and elegance, therefore used it in all their creations. As time passed by, marble remained a material that breathes style through all its pores and can now be found in many household objects. Buying a marble vessel sink is an acquisition that will not set you back too much and the return of investment will be considerable.

With minimal maintenance, this sink will transform your seemingly mundane bathroom into a fashionable room, where you will always enter with pleasure and will love lingering for a few minutes. There are many shapes that marble can take to create a sink and depending on your taste and the décor of the room, you will need to purchase a vessel faucet that fits in like a glove.

Naturally, the best results are obtained when both products are bought from the same source, as you get the chance to see the entire assemble. With so many vessel sink faucets on display, the odds of leaving empty-handed are dismal and with the price being reasonably low, you will never get the chance to regret this acquisition.

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A Dilemma with my Curly Hair

Not quite long, a close friend scolded me for showing so much fuss about my hair, which is quite curly (I’m sure you already guessed that). This hair of mine grows in volume during summer, and when it is rainy or humid, it gets frizzy; thus, no matter the kind of gel I apply, the hair just stares at me in such a shabby manner.
Frizzy hair
This close pal of mine has straight and lustrous hair that would not react negatively under a blow-dryer. So, it’s not easy for her to understand my hair frustration.

She irritates me terribly each time with her “it’s just hair” words. She will now add to my fury by saying that I needed a lot of therapy and improved self-esteem. Maybe, she should wear my shoes and see how it pinches – or perhaps put on a wig that has the texture of my hair just for seven days so that she can get a feel of my frustration.

It may seem like it is ‘merely hair’; I don’t deny my excessive complain about the hair, and I also understand that I have to be thankful that it is not something as grave as life-threatening ailments or even obesity. There’s no doubt that I have a great life – in essence, my hair condition is not something serious.

But I need to be frank. The hair makes me want to go crazy! Each time I feel the ends. It appears as though am touching straw. There’s no life left in it, especially now that summer is here. Most times, my hair typifies a combination of Ramen noodle and dried-out frizz – the result of excessive gel and less moisture.

Envy is aroused in me each time I watch my friend prepare for the day with ease, with no hair frustration to face. Once she applies a little amount of spritzes from the spray container and comb through lightly and touches up with blow dryer, she looks as stunning as a model and good to go.

By 8am, you will find me still looking like a wet dog. My hair would experience more dryness when I try using a blow dryer. Yet, it beats my imagination why it is not easy for me to just fluff it out. When am up in the morning? It still appears shabby, even after I style it. I wish my friend had a glimpse of my daily frustrations trying to manage my hair.

No matter the amount of conditions I apply in the morning in the course of my shower, my curls appear as though moisture is drained off it before evening. I practically go to work everyday with wet hair since it appears to work when I dry the hair naturally. It sounds so easy, but it is quite an arduous task trying to achieve manageable hair that I can go to work with.

But come to think of it, what if I have an interview or a highly official meeting? It will be a crazy thing appearing in such official settings with wet hair!

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