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I’m nothing close to being a flats-only type of girl, but this doesn’t mean I’m not practical. When my feet are not almost killing me, I can be a lot more fun, and if I’m wearing shoes with high heels, then it is possible you will find me somewhere – in a place of fun. Thus, if my walk to the car is a short distance and there’s a guaranteed seat for me throughout the evening, if that is the case, I would climb on my heels; otherwise, something comfortable would be more sensible. I’m sure you’ve already deduced that I have somewhat limited sexy shoe collection.

stilettoBy experience, I have no issues wearing about three or four inches heel as well as wedges. But, for the past few years, I’ve been significantly attracted to really high heel shoes – those types that feature slim stem and moderate platform. So, I set out to search for a pair that would work for me. After shopping around, I finally settled for one option – the Nordstrom Rack. Oh, are you thinking I’m not going to pay full price, just because the pair is simply for occasional use?

Well, find out. Surprisingly, even the extra-high shoes felt comfortable on my feet – possibly because of the platform. But I went on to try out three additional sizes for a wide range of brands – I don’t know why, but each of these brands refused to stay on my heel – not because the sizes were big.

Then, it dawned on me that the problem could be the way I walk, the heel height and the pitch… and perhaps something else I could not identify. Well, I did not give up because my mind was set to make one of them work for me. I eventually settled for what appealed to me, a matte black color featuring a peep-hole. Subsequently, I began to look for a way to prevent them from sliding off my feet.

I was eventually left with two options to make the pair work – heel cushions or a cushion for the ball of foot. The heel cushions attached inside the shoe to keep the shoe in place, which would also ensure that your feet do not rub into the back of the pair. On the other hand, the cushion for the ball of the foot pushes your foot backward, while providing soft comfort. I settled for the heel cushions.

Hey guys, you make us go through a lot of trouble just to look great for you. Well, I wish I knew about heel cushions all along; this small shoe accessory made my comfort soar. When I used them for the first time, my feet felt cool and relaxed, and I was standing for nearly seven hours. I’m also going to try out the ball of foot cushions to see how each differs from another.

Oh, I have tried Bodyglide before now, it’s also great for ill-fitting shoes. There could be other products also but these ones I experimented with are great. For your sexy shoes, these pieces of shoe accessories work well to keep your feet comfortable. Some may want to stay on with something reasonably flat. Well, the choice is all yours to make!

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Mend your Damaged Hair

Long or short, dark or blonde, we are very proud of our hair and go to great lengths to make it look as good as gets. Unfortunately, the sun, the pollution, the wind and other elements hurt it every day, and in the end we are forced to find new ways to undo the damage. Many assume that shampoo and conditioner that they use on a daily basis have such a positive effect, but in most cases they do the exact opposite.

This means that if we are really serious about restoring the natural beauty of hair we need to resort to more advanced solutions such as the Keratin Treatment. The reason for why this remedy is so effective is that it uses the essential complements that come from the original protein and combines them in the ideal way to mend the hurt hair. What many prospective customers are worried about is that the hair treatment might contain formaldehyde which is potentially dangerous not only for the hair.

While it is true that the original keratin treatments were using this active ingredient to make the hair softer and make it glow, the advances in medicine rendered it useless. Another benefit of using this remedy is that the mixture can be washed on the same day, which means that no more time is wasted. Regardless of how busy your schedule might be, you should always have enough time to use this treatment frequently, because the benefits make the effort worthwhile.

A Heartfelt Gift

Offering presents is something that we enjoy doing on special occasions, because sometimes it is simply better to give a gift than receiving one. There are plenty of online and land based shops that sell souvenirs and various things that would make great gifts, but very few specialized in Christian gifts. Contrary to popular belief the demand for such presents is considerable and there are people who would love to receive and offer such presents.

There is a better chance of finding such presents online than in traditional retails and some of tem are even offering free shipping within continental US. The question is what items would make great Christian Gifts For Him and how much would these products wind up costing the gifter. Books, jewelry and clocks are just a few worthy example and fortunately their prices are not more expensive than what regular products of this type would cost.

Sometimes it is all about sending a powerful message and there is simply no better way of conveying such a message than by sending Christian gifts. You don’t even need to wait for a holiday to bestow such a present upon a close friend of someone dear to you, because everybody would love such a surprise. The advantages of shopping online are self evident and it is not surprising at all that those who place such an order once are convinced by the advantages. As the number of returning customers increases, so will the number of shop selling these products.

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